The basis of a strong and healthy grass is a strong and extensive root system.

Left – no Florahumus, right: standard dose of FLORAHUMUS

The humus layer in the soil is of great importance, especially in the shallow root system of grasses and ornamental plants.

The humus layer containing humic acids stimulates the growth of the root system, the number of side branches and fine roots increases, which are the most important element that absorbs minerals by the plant.

If your goal is a firm and dense lawn, FLORAHUMUS will help you achieve this goal.

The properties of Florahumus have a very positive effect on water aggregation at the depth of the root layer, which reduces the stress of the plant during water shortages. This prevents the so-called burning of the grass, which is very important when caring for lawns. In the event of heavy rains or flooding, the humus layer prevents the plant from rot, protecting the roots against long-term excess water.

Scientific research carried out on the FLORAHUMUS preparation clearly shows the improvement of the plant condition, and describes in detail the possibility of limiting the dosage of mineral fertilizers – thanks to a better uptake of these ingredients through an extensive root system.

Product required for treatments:

Spreading new grass

Rapid rooting of roll grass on the target lawn

Accelerating the regeneration of grass losses

(mechanical and chemical damage)

Growing forage grass

Maintenance of sports fields, golf courses and green areas