Increase your portfolio and profit from the distribution of agricultural products, supplementing the offer of your point of sale with a modern and organic plant growth stimulator, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by research.

The product is certified as ecological, produced from one of the best peat deposits in Europe.


The secret lies in the natural components of the soil – or rather in the humus layer, which contains natural humic acids and is responsible for its most important parameters:

Water retention

Soil sorption

Heavy metal chelation

Improving the absorption of nutrients

Relieving plant stress during water shortages

The current degradation of soils by reducing the supply of the humus layer (no natural manure, no crop residues) is affecting more and more farmers, reducing the quality of the soil and aggravating its degradation.

An effective solution to these problems is to provide natural humic acids in a concentrated form before sowing and twice during the plant growth phase.

Thanks to these treatments, we gain 23% greater growth of the root part and over 20% increase in the dry weight of the above-ground part. An additional benefit is the increase in the chlorophyll content in the leaves and an increase in seed yield by 10%.

The effectiveness of the use of humic acids is confirmed by numerous farms, and the achieved increases have been confirmed by the research of the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Puławy.

The concentrated form of humic acids, the content of which in organic carbon is at least 95% at pH 10.5, is perfectly soluble in water and can be used during standard spraying.

Humic acids, known for years in agriculture, begin to appear in an increasing number of points of sale of agricultural and horticultural products, and are the basic soil conditioning product on the rapidly growing organic farming market.


We encourage commercial networks to include the FLORAHUMUS product in their offer.

The product is certified for use in organic farming.

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