Got2Grow – General distributor of the brand Florahumus invites you to cooperate in building a sales network for products – natural humic acids.

The offer is addressed to distributors serving the agricultural sector. The humic acids contained in the Florahumus product are a remedy for the poor humus layer in the soil as its supplement, development and maintenance, and successfully replace manure or preparations used for crop residues.

Packaging capacity Efficiency of 1 treatment (ha)
100ml 0,3
250ml 0,7
500ml 1,5
1L 3,0
5L 15,0
10L 30,0
20L 60,0

A detailed commercial offer is available after sending an inquiry –
we guarantee fixed prices, competitive discounts and flexible terms of cooperation.

Got2Grow – Grow with us!

As a general distributor, we offer assistance in implementing the product for sale:

training of the sales department by our specialists

constant technical care of our agronomist

substantive and commercial support available in the field

an extensive list of reference farms

verified commercial information: the effectiveness of the product is confirmed by numerous scientific studies supported by certificates of state institutes.

Flora humus it is proven – in 2021 it received the Cup of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and the title of Consumer Quality Leader